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prince-charles.jpgWell, the man is listening. As we reported on yesterday, environmentalists — and a UK government minister — slammed Prince Charles over his decision to fly to the U.S. this coming week to pick up an environmental award. Such a decision, from a man dubbed ‘The Green Prince’, has critics wondering whether his carbon footprint reduction plans are the real deal. The prince will be traveling with an entourage of 20 people on a commercial flight; but have completely booked a first class section usually equipped to seat over 60 people. Such an action increases the carbon footprint of each person by almost three times.

In reaction to critics, Prince Charles is apparently making concessions for the trip by canceling a traditional sky holiday and also making his transportation around the U.S. as efficient as possible. Next Saturday, the couple will travel from Philadelphia to NY on a train locomotive with an electric engine.

What’s most interesting to me is why Prince Charles doesn’t simply shut everyone up by offering to offset the emissions generated by this trip? The man has money, and I’m sure there are several companies out there that would love the honor of working with him; plus, it would be more great publicity and potentially contribute to starting a trend for all world-leaders. I’m getting a little ahead of myself on that last wish, but someone has to get the ball rolling. Either way, it will be interesting to see if Prince Charles offers any commentary on this row when he accepts his award. I’m sure Al Gore will pull him away ahead of time and give him a stern talking too…that, or Lindsay Lohan will screw up the whole thing somehow. It could happen…

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  • Tod Brilliant

    Actually, Gore can’t lecture him as he pulls around in SUV’s with regularity AND flys like a madman. Carbon offsets aren’t necessarily the way to go – it’s a bit of a shell game in some ways. Regardless, can we expect a man who needs his type of security to travel with the utmost efficiency? I’m not sure that we can. If anyone needs the stern talking to, it’s Gore for his eight wasted years and for making a film that doesn’t spotlight, even one tiny bit, the PEOPLE responsible for so much of our environmental damage (alas, dear Al has close, close ties to quite a few of these people).
    I know, criticizing Gore is sacreligious in the eco-community, but the man is a false prophet.

  • Jim

    Offsetting is definitely a myth – we need cuts in emissions, offsetting just provides long term hopes of reductions that we cannot guarantee or could be made to happen in any case. They certainly don’t mean we can just continue to grow aviation – which off setting rather implies we can.

  • James

    One cant expect a dignitary to forgo either security or the pomp that goes with his position. The only way to get around having a 1/3 full cabin would be for the prince to travel with three times the entourage. There is no way they could put normal revenue passengers in with him, even carefully screened ones. Just be thankful he didn’t take an entire 747 all to himself.

    The couple will undoubtedly travel in a train car pulled by an electric locomotive (the only kind that travel that stretch of tracks) as opposed to in (or on?) the locomotive. One wonders if he will order a special train all for him, or hitch some private cars onto the end of an amtrak revenue train.

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