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gc.JPGMore details are arising from a report yesterday on a new campaign from the hip eco-foundation, Global Cool. According to their site, the group launched a 10-year campaign in London to defeat global warming. Musician KT Tunstall and actor Josh Hartnett joined the group in announcing the decade-long strategy.

The plan calls for each person on the planet to reduce their carbon emissions by only one tonne per year, for the next 10 years. If enough people follow through, GC believes climate change can be reversed with 1 billion tonnes per year being removed from the mix. By the time the 10 year period is up, the organization hopes that cleaner sources of energy will have been developed and integrated. From the article,

Big business have donated £120m to support the campaign while MySpace will push the message out to its millions of subscribers.

Josh said: “I grew up in Minnesota which is usually a cold place, but we’ve seen abnormally warm winters the last couple of years, which is unnerving.

“If water levels continue to rise at this rate, my house in New York will be underwater, and I’ll have to get a gondola to get around. It’s frightening.

“I’m not on a mission or anything like that, that would be ridiculous, I just want to tell people why I’m concerned about climate change and if they want to make a change in their own lives that’s great.”

KT Tunstall said, “It’s becoming quite apparent to all musicians how much more impact they can have. We’re always in big rooms full of people, and the word about what you can do isn’t out yet. “Things like not leaving your phone charger in the wall are so simple.”

The Global Cool site has some great tips for reducing your carbon footprint, but the actual bread and butter will come from five simultaneous concerts around the globe next summer — one of them in London — to encourage a billion people to cut carbon emissions and give to green causes. The events we’re planning are on the scale of Live Aid and Live 8. But this isn’t about a few concerts. It’s a 10-year movement to save the planet. This will be much bigger than Live 8 – it has to be.”

Will they reach their goal? One fund manager is already skeptical, “Trying to distort the price of carbon credits shows sheer cheek, but they’ll have to get billions in donations to do that. The carbon credit market is worth more than £90 billion.

“But good luck to them

We’ve got nothing but love for GC and know some good is going to come from this campaign regardless of if they hit the 1 billion mark in carbon emissions or not. Shoot for the moon, right?

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