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snipshot_aqe2ekcwb6e.jpgThere’s not much to this story, but if you’ve ever wanted to own a green celebrity vehicle — now’s your chance! Apparently, someone won a car that was once owned by Natalie Maines of the country music band, The Dixie Chicks. The car is a white 2004 Toyota Prius (Motor Trend Car of the Year!) with only 15,000 miles on it. Currently, bidding is at $10K with a mind-blowingly idiotic buy it now price of $50,000. Jeesh, it’s not like the car comes with Maines in the trunk or something. All you get is an autographed visor!

Still, if you’re hard pressed to find some authentic DC souvenirs, you could do far worse than this fine vehicle. Just make sure you scrape off the anti-Bush bumper stickers before driving through Texas.

Link: Dixie Chick Car On Ebay

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  • rebecca

    I just feel like if people keep selling stuff that they won from celebrities, well then why would celebrities keep giving it away? Oh well, a Prius for 10k sounds like a deal. I guess someone will get good use out of it.