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peyton_mastercard.jpgIt’s Super Bowl Sunday and you know what that means: $2.5 million dollar 30 second commercials. Please join me to keep track of the green ads, and the not so green.

I was very disappointed last year with so many commercials with animals in them. The theme has actually carried through the year. (I’m talking to you CareerBuilder, and also sadly to you, Ellen DeGeneres/American Express.)

We’ll be keeping track and taking names, and will have our summary for you tomorrow. If you see any commercials you think were Ecorazzi slam or praise-worthy, please comment here!

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  • michael

    Green ads? Has there been one yet? All I see is the ‘American Revolution’ for some giant trucks and SUVs.

  • rebecca

    Last year there were several…this year, slim pickin’s all around. I’ll post more thoughts in a bit.

  • Jasmin

    Have you seen those Hummer ads with the Star Trek theme in the background? First women, now geeks? Whom exactly are they targeting?

    I was telling my husband: “They’re probably saying ‘Destroy this earth; hasten our migration to the stars.'”

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