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Can you imagine the day when we spot a green celebrity driving something other than a Prius? I think it will rain kittens. Why does Honda continue to get the shaft? Is the Toyota really that much better? When is George picking up his Tesla?

Anyways, as you can see this is a picture of Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies driving around in his shiny Prius. The shot accompanies a nice write-up on the band’s green tour — which we’ve profiled here — and reveals a few more cool green details. For instance:

>> On their fall tour, the Barenaked Ladies ran their vehicles (typically four trucks and four buses) on biodiesel – specifically B20, a blend of 20 per cent biofuel, derived from waste oil products or plants such as soy or canola, and 80 per cent diesel.

>> According to the Barenaked Ladies website (, during the B.L.A.M. fall tour, fans neutralized more than 1.6 million kilometres of driving by participating in the band’s offset program, where the purchase of a $5 Barenaked Planet Offset Stickers neutralizes about 135 kilograms of CO 2 or the equivalent to driving a car 480 kilometres.

>> In their efforts to be more eco-friendly, the band members often find themselves spending more: buying biodiesel and carbon offsets, hiring Reverb, even paying extra just to have all the band’s meals served on china instead of paper plates.

An amazing model for the rest of the music scene. That “Reverb” group mentioned is a non-profit American orgnization run by Lauren Sullivan and her husband, Adam Gardner, vocalist for the band Guster. They help to ‘green’ music tours and have also worked with  Avril Lavigne, Jack Johnson, Alanis Morissette and the Dave Matthews Band.

Check out the full Toronto Star article for more — it definitely worth a read.

Thanks to Treehugger for the tip!

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