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big_winners.jpgCongratulations to Ed Begley Jr. and Rachelle Carson, the winners of our Big Hearts Celebrity Couples Contest sponsored by Good Clean Love. Begley fans from all over came out to show their support, and this couple won by a landslide! With 70% of the votes, Ed & Rachelle won out over Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie and Woody Harrelson & Laura Louie.

Throughout the past two weeks we’ve been running these contests, and giving away gift sets from sponsor Good Clean Love in preparation for Valentine’s Day. The turnout for this final round of voting was incredible – Begley fans lined up around the block to get their votes in.

Part of the allure, it seems, is Ed’s long standing commitment to the environment. He’s been a treehugger much long than most. Being in the public eye doesn’t hurt, either. Ed & Rachelle’s HGTV reality show, Living with Ed, seemed to also help swing votes their way.

Here are some of the comments that readers sent in with their votes:

Ed & Rachelle are living it. – Jennifer

I know that woody and his wife do a lot of eco-friendly things, but since he is more quiet about it, I went with Ed Begley (given that I saw his show a couple of times). The Jolie-pitt crew seems to have just started, so I am going with the more ‘mature’ greenies. - Dawn

Ed & Rachelle are clearly the world’s most dedicated eco-couple. Not just when
cameras are rolling, but each and every day. Go Begleys!
– Elisa

WE LOVE ED and RACHELLE!!! They are the only TRUE Green Lifers! I’m sure Brad or Woody wouldn’t happily prepare a meal with a solar cooker! :) - Danielle

Ed and Rachelle – doing more for the world for over twenty years than all other
celebrities combined!
- Bill

Ed and Rachelle are the real deal, the others are Whole Foods-shopping,
hybrid-driving pop-environmentalists.
– Jemal

Go, Ed & Rachelle! Your Living with Ed TV show on HGTV gives new meaning the words The Green Room. You’re an inspiration for how to live a a more eco-friendly lifestyle without sacrificing convenience or style (or humor)!! – Eileen

Congrats again to the newly crowned king and queen of Big Hearts! Keep it up!

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