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globalwarming.jpgWell, here’s a new spin on climate change. Fashion company Diesel has announced a new ad campaign that warns about the detriments of global warming, but then goes on to show that it will still be a rockin’ good time with hot bodies and plenty of cool garments (or lack thereof.) It even shows certain locales (like Mt. Rushmore in a tropical setting or cities consumed by water) and places beautiful models rubbing tanning cream on other models or speedboats dodging buildings with bikini-clad hotties on board. What the?

To balance out this ‘spin’, they list several things you can do to prevent climate change (though after seeing the ads, you’d be compelled to wonder why you wouldn’t want it to happen.) including turning off lights, walking to the store, having sex quietly –what? That’s right, the first tip to preventing global warming is to have sex; which will keep you warm and therefore reduce the heating bill. Hey, whatever works. There’s also a link to in case you’re done oogling the tits and ass of impending global doom.

A really sad take on the serious nature of climate change? Absolutely. It’s light-hearted to be sure, but if you fail to get beyond the first video, you’re more likely to take the advice of Sarah Silverman and speed the process along. Whereas her parody is pure satire, this campaign seems a bit more “don’t worry, be happy, look good”. I’m not so sure the message they’re sending out is effecitively balanced by the other points on their site. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts; but in the meantime, keep your rock-hard abs and that tanning lotion on standby.

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  • Ryan Thomas

    Thank you; I’m always torn between my love of marketing and my history as a environmental leader for a bunch of straight edge vegans in a high school green house.

    Could this have a place though? I think as a marker for “what we fought for is now commonsense” it’s a grand one. If a company is willing to hedge its bets that joining a cause will make it money, it better be a popular cause with some serious emotions behind it.

    You don’t just pick a random one, its Business after all. I just hope that great groups like ZEROFOOTPRINT and people doing real environmental work get pushed to the side because everyone is gang busters over the money train.

    Its also worth looking at it this way, no one takes fashion seriously, lets face it in the Toby Young “How to loose friends and alienate people”, or Lauren Weisberger “Devil Wears Prada” age with Hachette Filipacchi Media dying to keep up with losses, how angry can will really get. It’s like your really easy blond cousin who thinks that Eco-friendly means moving to the woods and “like never shaving your cooch again”.

    See my post on the lobster hat for details… I’m book marking your blog by the way, it’s a wonderful site.

    *this is my first time playing blog tag*

  • paul

    I’m all for poking a little fun at any given topic from time to time, as long as it’s done in the right spirit, and doesn’t undermine the original message. This doesn’t seem to be in that vein.

    I wouldn’t really call this humor or satire. It’s really just… ridiculous. I think they are doing a disservice to the serious nature of global warming by trivializing it in this way.

    Just my 2 cents.

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  • Sustainable Sean

    I love, Love, LOVE this campaign! So many messages around our pressing social and environmentla issues are all “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”. For those of us in the know already, we get that yes, the sky IS falling. But for mainstream culture, they just shut down when you start talking about global warming, poverty, and/or endagnered specis. This ad campaign will boldly reach in to a whole new demographic about this issue. And rather than saying ‘global warming is sexy’, I think the ad says, ‘global warming is a reality, here’s how to be in it’.

    One of the things we wanted to do when we started up Sustainable Style Foundation was combine the power of pop culture and personal lifestyle choices to create change in the world. This ad campaign (and several others by Diesel actually) do exactly that.

    My big issues is that I’d like to see them use sustainable textiles and manufacturing processes in their production. A little organic cotton here, a little, a little hemp and/or stinging nettle there, natural dyes, etc.