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lochara.jpgI just wrote about TerraPass offering the Lohachara to Oscar presenters this year and wanted to further talk about the gift and it’s significance. I also wanted to point you to the site where you can pick up the sculpture and offset your own yearly carbon footprint.

The Lohachara sculpture was given to Academy Award presenters in conjunction with one year of carbon offsets for the celebrity lifestyle. The creation of the sculpture comes from a partnership between TerraPass and Simon Pearce; an artist who champions the use of renewable sources of energy. According to the official site, the Lohachara sculpture is named after an island in the Bay of Bengal. Or rather, what used to be an island. From the site, 

“In December, 2006, Lohachara became the first inhabited island to be lost to rising sea levels caused by global warming.”

Ouch. The first island has already been consumed. Amazing.

Terrapass and Simon Pearce are offering the sculpture, along with 30 metric tons of greenhouse gas reductions, for $650. The offsets are enough to balance out the emissions from 12,000 miles of driving, six commercial plane flights, and a large home. That’s definitely enough for the average person. To put a celebrity lifestyle in perspective, TerraPass offered presenters a 100,000 tons reduction; enough to balance 20,000 miles of driving, 40,000 miles on commercial airlines, 20 hours in a private jet and a large house in Los Angeles. For some, this is actually too little!

Anyways, take a look at the site — and if you’re so compelled, consider joining the growing list of people offsetting their yearly emissions with responsible investments in alternative energy and environmental projects. You can also tell everyone you have the same great taste in art as Jack Nicholson.

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