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A few months back, Elizabeth Hurley announced that she was quitting acting and setting up an organic farm. The rest of the world, including her fiance Arun Nayar, thought she was crazy. Now, Hurley is gushing about her progress and even telling friends to buy animals and trees in lieu of fancy presents for their wedding. From the site, Inside Entertainment,

The UK’s Daily Snack reported that guests have been asked to skip the silverware in favour of organic Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs, poultry, chicken, cows, lime trees and more.” Another UK site is reporting that, “The pig that Hurley most covets is a Gloucester Old Spot Pig which would cost one of her guests £189. Her ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant has already sponsored a London Zoo monkey called Elizabeth as a wedding gift.”

While the organic status of the farm is not yet certified (a process that can sometimes take a few years), Hurley is still very excited to be involved in the process. “It’s the only place I want to be. When we get our organic status we’re going to farm properly and we’re going to have a herd of cows and proper sheep and proper chickens, and we’re going to have Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs,” she said.”

It’s actually really fantastic to see Liz moving ahead with her plans to truly start an organic farm. It’s also quite smart (and responsible) of her to have guests to her wedding help make the project a reality with their donations of animals and plants. While it’s yet to be seen what products Hurley intends to sell from the farm (something she’s intent on doing), it will be even more revealing as to whether or not the commitment will stick. Once you get the past the romantic notion of owning your own farm, actually running the entire operation is very hard work. Will Hurley be cut out for 4am milkings? We’ll soon find out!

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