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Rolling Stones with The Wooden Monkey ownerRolling Stones were in Canada this weekend for a concert in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Saturday night. Guitarist Ron Wood and his wife Jo had dinner at The Wooden Monkey on Friday to get ready for the gig. This is not just any restaurant, however. The menu is organic, macrobiotic, and based on locally-grown food.

The Woods began an organic diet about 15 years ago when misdiagnosed with Crohn’s disease, an intestinal disorder. Jo currently has a line of organic body care products called Jo Wood Organics and is currently working on an organic lifestyle book.

So what did the rock n’ roll couple have for dinner? Ron had the free-range beef sandwich with horse radish while Jo opted for the haddock. For dessert they had chocolate tofu and blueberry pie and then bought a couple of bottles of blueberry juice before leaving.

On Saturday, Lil MacPherson, the owner of the Monkey got a call offering her 2 VIP, backstage passes to the show. She decided to go, and bring an organic blueberry pie with her. The crust made from organic spelt, a type of wheat, and filled with organic blueberries sweetened with maple syrup. 

Lil says of her time in the green room with the band, “It’s just Charlie Watts, Keith Richards, Ron Wood, me, my brother Jeff and Jo. I said, ‘Oh, my sweet God, we are in.’ Jeff and I are like in shock. And they’re all eating the pie. They’ve all got blue mouths, they’ve all got blue lips, they’re going to go on stage with blue teeth,” she said. “It was so funny.”

Via – The Chronicle Herald

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  • Rose Strowbridge

    that is so cool got such a kick out of it what an experience .keep in touch love ya

  • Macroeater

    That’s great that famous people are going in the path of healthy living and diets, especially macrobiotic way. I am involved into macrobiotic living too much and I like to see that after Madonna, Sting, Paltrow.. Ron is the new macrobiotic celeb in the world :-)