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Last week Q’Orianka Kilcher received the keys to her Honda FCX – a hydrogen fuel cell car. She’s the youngest person ever to lease a hydrogen car, and is a constant promoter of alternative fuels. We can’t wait to follow up with her in the future and see how she likes her new ride. A special thanks to Damien of Zaproot, who has been doing some amazing coverage for us lately in LA.

After the video, you can see more of Q’Orianka’s work in the Amazon in a previous ‘razzi post.

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  • Mike

    Just wondering why she picked a Honda FCX? Wasn’t she driven to her Premier in a Mercedes F-Cell?

  • rebecca

    I think the Mercedes is a prototype, however I believe they talked to several automakers before deciding on Honda. Also, don’t forget, she is leasing this vehicle…it is not a gift!

  • Ernest

    I’ve heard that the Honda FCX is the world’s most advanced hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and Honda has been leasing them to customers for something like 5 years. She is sooo lucky! Look at this website and see what the car is going to look like next year! OMG!

    No one else in Hollywood even comes close to this, not even the tiny 2-seater, over-hyped, and yet to be proven Tesla…

  • Rick

    I would rather buy one from an American car company, instead of getting one from another country!!!!

  • Tim Tidmarsh


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