by lynn
Categories: Causes.

Not that money equals love, but you know what I mean. Anyway, Posh and Becks may not be the greenest couple on the planet, but they do their bit for charity. The two are big supporters of children’s charities and have already donated over $1 million in the past four years through the Victoria And David Beckham Children’s Charity, which has already helped groups such as UNICEF and the National Society For The Protection Of Cruelty To Children.

The money doesn’t always come out of their own pockets, though. The couple usually turns their glitzy parties into fundraisers by charging for tickets. It may sound tacky to be charging your friends to go to your party, but it seems to have worked so far, and with the amount of money they’ve been able to raise, it looks like their celebrity friends are only too willing to help out.

Now if they could also turn their energy towards making a better planet for the kids they support.

  • Andrea

    Wish they cared about cruelty to animals as well. An article a few months ago stated that Becks tried on a fox fur coat at Harrods but thankfully ended up not buying it because he was worried about criticism. Though I thought she was against fur, I saw a pic of Posh in what looked like real fur-trimmed (maybe fox) coat in a recent People.