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Last night, at a secret location only disclosed this morning, UNICEF launched the “Tap Project” in honor of today being World Water Day. Didn’t know that did ya? Put down that Venti and get yourself a glass of tap water! It’s time to celebrate!

UNICEF ambassador, Sarah Jessica Parker, was on-hand at NYC’s Hearst Tower to host the event; which encourages New York City diners to pay $1 for each glass of water that normally comes free with their meal. The funds collected will help UNICEF save lives by providing safe drinking water to children around the world. Other New Yorkers on hand to help Parker kick things off included Paul Bettany, Tom Colicchio (Top Chef), Rosario Dawson, Jimmy Fallon, Petra Nemcova, Peter Sarsgaard, and Pharrell Williams.

In a designer-water society, it’s great to see groups like UNICEF bringing attention to the quality and safety of tap water. Most people do not realize that bottled water is subject to less rigorous testing and purity standards than those which apply to city tap water. According to the NRDC, about one-third of the designer-waters tested contained levels of contamination — including synthetic organic chemicals, bacteria, and arsenic. Yuck. Don’t believe the pretty labeling, folks. Save that cash and swig down some of the best water on the planet — for free; or if so inclined, for $1!

Based on these photos from the event, Sarah Jessica Parker looks smokin’! Nice blue dress. Of all the Sex In The City gals, I’m most taken with Kristin Davis’s Charlotte. However, in this instance, I’d be willing to buy Parker a nice glass of water anytime. Hit the project site for more information!

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