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snipshot_d4bg3ge3198.jpgNot too long ago, Julia Roberts appeared on Oprah and commented about how much she desires a car that runs on vegetable oil, “…I think it’s a small price to pay, to smell like a French fry. I just need to get the big one that I can fit my kids in.” Julia’s position comes as no surprise as she’s been a vocal spokesperson for Earth Biofuels, Inc. since last July. Now, according to Life & Style Magazine, the star is going beyond biofuels and fixing up her new $20 million dollar home with some cool green upgrades. From the article,

“As well as being solar-powered, a family friend tells Life & Style magazine the new place will be built with wood from “sustainably managed forests”. The source adds, ‘Even the bathrooms will have recycled tiles.’ Once she’s done with the house, Julia plans to turn her focus to fuel.”

Alright, very nice Julia. Any support you can throw behind getting these green materials some much needed attention is welcome. Of course, the whole “you own a mega-mansion that houses one person” argument will come to play here, but if you can get that monster offset with a good chunk of Malibu sun, we’re all for it. While you’re at it, I’d take some tips from Oprah and integrate some passive solar and rainwater harvesting as well. Oh hell, maybe you’ll even find some bizarre inspiration from Bush’s eco-ranch or Prince Charles sustainable mansion for Prince William and his potential bride-to-be. Either way, we’d love a tour when you’re finished!

Thanks to Linton for the tip!

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