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We’ve been discussing politician homes lately — from Gore’s green in progress, to Blair’s new solar addition, to Bush’s off-grid Texas ranch. Not to be outdone, 2008 Presidential candidate John Edwards wants you to know that his home is green too. All 28,000 square feet of it. Right.

According to an MSNBC article, Edwards defended the construction of the home on a secluded 102-acres at the Biomass Energy Conversion Center last week. “The house was built from the beginning, both in its location for passive solar and the use of active solar, to help provide some of the energy for the house,” Edwards said in an interview with The Associated Press. “It doesn’t provide all of the energy, but it provides some.”

During construction Edwards hired a designer to make sure the home met the strictest of federal efficiency standards; a move that earned the estate a five-star rating. “Elizabeth, I saw her climb up, I literally saw her with piles of fluorescent light bulbs changing them out,” Edwards said of his wife. “We are also committed to making the house carbon neutral.”

I think Gore’s latest issues on the home front have encouraged candidates touting green energy policies to watch their backs and make sure their personal lives reflect the green talk on the campaign trail. I will give Edwards credit for being forthcoming about his home — and his passionate stance to make his campaign as environmentally-friendly as possible. A 28,000 sq. ft. mansion however is not going to swing well, no matter how green. There just comes a point where such a home is beyond acceptable limits for sustainability. Now, if the entire thing was made of recycled tires, powered by the sun, and provided energy for fifteen orphanages, he might have something. As it is, he’s in the midst of the race and can only do the best he can with energy policy reforms and environmental measures at the national level. His home, meanwhile, will remain an albatross around his neck for the right to whack at.

Hey Hillary, you got those solar panels up on the roof yet?

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  • Preston

    Nice. Not to be judgmental, but what would a family do with such a big home? I’m trying to think about it, assuming money is not an issue. I can’t think of 28,000 sf worth of stuff to put in a house. Maybe a bowling alley, movie theater, and/or basketball court? I guess I just don’t understand.