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Pauley Perrette and Boston Legal’s Meredith Eaton-GildenThis past weekend the Genesis Awards took over Beverly Hills and for a change animals were in the spotlight. The 21st Annual Genesis Awards exist to highlight major news & entertainment media focusing on animal-protection issues.

Of course, the animals were represented by some of our fave celebs that presented awards throughout the event including Bill Maher, James Cromwell, Pauley Perrette, and Amy Smart. Fast Food Nation & Charlotte’s Web came out on top, as did animated animal-friendly Happy Feet and an episode of The Simpsons (of which the producer said in his acceptance speech, “No animals were harmed in the filming of this cartoon.”)

The event is said to have more of a feel of a family gathering as compared to other “aloof” awards shows. Many speakers took the time to talk about animal rights and how they got their start in animal activism.

Amy SmartAudience members cheered on good ol’ Wolfgang Puck who just last week swore off foie gras and “inhumane” meat for his restaurants while they munched on vegan dinners of soy ginger tempeh in an herb soy ginger sauce. But our question is: how many people in that room had on leather shoes?

The HSUS tells us that the event went green, as well, “using vegan and recycled products in the production of the event whenever possible”. The Genesis Awards office recycles, and guests arrived to the event in transportation provided by ECOLIMO.

For more info, check out The Magic of Genesis (includes complete list of winners).

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  • Kevin Connelly

    Hey Ecorazzi Rebecca,

    Thanks for extending recognition to the animal folks in your eco blog. Genesis rocks, as do Pauley and Meredith and the other celebs who presented awards or showed their support by attending. James Cromwell is one of the greatist Hollywood activists.

    I small gripe about your jibe though:

    But our question is: how many people in that room had on leather shoes?

    How typically lame of a non-veggie! my guess would be the media folks maybe so about 20% of the 1000 people there.

    If you can’t adopt a compassionate world view and extend your circle of compassion to animals for moralities sake at least don’t heckle those that are so inclined to be enlightend and please study more (such as the UN Report on animal agriculture) its time to wake-up “green” people about the huge negative impacts on a wide range of environmental and social justice matters (air, land and water impacts, impacts on wildlife, climate change and the industries workers that consuming and wearing animals cause. As the UN Report demonstrates the impact on global warming is greater from human’s meat addiction and animal cruelty fetish than from the transporation sector.

    Otherwise, keep up the great work with ecorazzi!!!

    Yours truly for the environment AND the animals,

  • rebecca

    Kevin, I absolutely don’t understand. “How typically lame of a non-veggie!” Are you saying that I’m a non-veggie? I in fact, am veg and have not bought leather since I turned vegetarian over 10 years ago.

    I guess I was trying to bring up the topic of leather since we are so congratulatory to people and designers that don’t use fur…what about leather? It’s often not talked about, but I thought I’d bring it up.

    Would love for you to explain further. Thanks so much.

  • Kevin Connelly

    Hi Rebecca,

    Oh I’m sorry for the “lame” flame. Sorry to presume something about you that isn’t true. I truly apologize. I guess someone pee’d in my wheaties yesterday a.m. (I did say lots of nice stuff about you too! ;-)) Glad to know that you are a conscious and compassionate eater. I should have known better. Thanks for your note clarifying, I totally agree with you about leather. i guess I am overly sensitive to that old cannard “but aren’t your wearing leather?” Well, no actually I’m not, and given the consciousness level of the animal advocates, donors etc. in the Genesis house that night it just seemed a bit contrite. Many there have been at the forefront of awareness about the whole range of animal derived clothing (fur, leather, wool etc.) However you may forgive me my transgession to you for certainly as an “out” veggie I’m sure you have encountered the “but aren’t you are wearing leather” trope when someone discovers you don’t eat animals or if you point out the cruelty of fur. People seemed to get a bit self conscious and often do a quick visual inventory check to see if a veggie/animal/enviro advocate is being morally consistent and level that old tired line as a sort of an A HA! I caught you, you are a hypocrite therefore I can ignore everything else you are saying and continue to eat animals/wear fur, leather/etc… and continue to sublimate my guilty feelings. It seems that folks seem to need to do a quick ethical evaluation so that they can restore a sense of moral balance, if you will, when they encounter someone who’s eithical orientation deviates from theirs. Well, I again; my regrets for my missing your point and my regards to you for your efforts with your blog. As I said I do it enjoy it.

    Ecorazzi is one of my guilty pleasures!

    keep up the good work! Feel free to contact me off-line at my e-mail if you would like to dialogue further.


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