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snipshot_d4fl14hmedd.jpgThe New York Observer has information on a new special that sends a “green team” to celebrity homes to perform an eco-makeover. It was only a matter of time before this concept made its way to your television screen. But celebrities? What about the average Jack and Jill? I think Edward Norton should get involved with this and — much like his solar neighbors program — develop the idea that any celebrity home that goes green should then pony up the cash for a less-fortunate family to go green as well. Makes sense, right?

Anyways, apparently the NYO got the scoop from John Bruce, a Brooklyn-based designer who is a member of that “green team”. The first few shows will take place in LA; with one episode having actor Ron Livingston using reclaimed wood from Gregory Peck’s house. In the wild, it’s not uncommon for Hollywood stars to cannibalize each other’s homes. Rarely caught on film.

The show will air during the EcoZone Project television specials on Earth Day and then on FOX on May 22nd. That’s all we can gather for now, but we’ll let you know once those press releases start making the rounds.

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  • yoshiko

    I don’t want to see the celebrity’s green activities any more.
    I always wonder why they go to parties so many times if they mind the enviorenment.
    I don’t understand them who can’t abandon their luxurious life.
    I don’t think that we need any celebrities for protecting the

  • Dr Greenthumb

    Nahhh… the general public reacts well to celebs and even if they’re in it for the wrong reasons any attention and spotlight is better then none.

  • yoshiko

    Frankly I write that I was thinking about the environmental issue
    before, but I’m not, now.
    I am tired of seeing celebrities who are talking about their green
    activities proudly, and are spending thier times luxuriously.
    At least I don’t think that I use more energy than they use,
    though I do nothing for the envioronment.
    Are you sure if many celebrities have only good influence on
    public, especially young people?

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