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ed.gifTwo great items to report! First of all, we’re excited to note that a second season of HGTV’s Living With Ed has been approved. We can all look forward to additional episodes of great green fun with Ed Begley Jr. and Rachelle Carson. Second, we’ve just received word that producers of the show are looking for people to star in upcoming episodes! Check out the official release below:

“If you already have Green modifications to your home or will be making them in the next few months, we would love to hear from you. You must be in Southern California, willing to be on camera, able to do a test taping and have a great sense of humor.

Please email with a description of your upcoming project, a picture of you and/or your family and a general idea of where you live. We look forward to hearing from you!”

How cool, right? For those of you living in Southern California, send in those photos! This is a fantastic way to show the rest of America that going green isn’t just something affordable to the rich and famous. Become an inspiration to others! Steal a ride in Ed’s new Phoenix electric truck! Swap sustainable fashion tips with Rachelle! Get to it!

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  • Brutus

    Has anyone out there entered “Living with ED” as a google search? It’s the medical term for “Living with Erectile Dysfunction.” Somehow I doubt Ed has this problem if he can keep a drop-dead foxy wife who is way out of his league in the looks department. Mr. Ed – you must be hung like a horse. Wilbur-r-r-r

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  • Eric

    It’s amazing what people have done to green their homes on the west coast. I wish I lived in California and not the garbage– er.. garden state!

    I’m very excited about programs like this hitting the airwaves, it really helps to get the word out and entertains me too.