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snipshot_d4×5cevmt1w.jpgI previously wrote about E! teaming up with the Environmental Media Association (EMA) and Tree People for a Tree Planting ceremony last week. At that time, the pictures were telling, but the details were light. Finally, E’s “Party Girl” Sydne Summer has given us the scoop on what went down at the event and some green gossip to boot.

All the groups involved sponsored the planting of over 800 Oak trees in honor of each person that attended the first-ever Golden Globes Green After-Party. Everyone hiked the 45-acre Tree People plot up on Mulholland Drive, got dirty, and apparently had a great time. Now, here’s some green gossip:

Days of Our Lives‘ soap star Bryan Dattilo is playing a character that is getting ready for a green wedding with fiancée Sami (Alison Sweeney). “We’re going to have potted flowers instead of cut flowers, hybrid vehicles getting everyone to the event—and I even wear a hemp jacket!” Days of Our Lives is promoting green weddings? Excellent!

Rockmond “C-Note” Dunbar, former star of Prison Break, has just completed a body-cleanse detox. “I just finished a body-cleanse detoxing,” he said. “You take 25 herbs a day to clean out your body, only eat raw foods—and it works. I feel amazing.”

The Office (one of the best shows on television) had plenty of representation. Angela Kinsey, Melora Hardin, and Oscar Nuñez were all there. It’s interesting to note two out of those three characters play people on the show with the exact same first name. I digress…“Michael Scott probably wouldn’t know eco if he found it with both hands,” Angela adds. “But outside of Dunder-Mifflin, a lot of us drive hybrids. And all around our set, we have recycle bins.” Rad.

It’s worth noting that only five trees were planted at this event. The remaining 795 will be added to the Santa Monica Mountains throughout the year. Sounds like fun time. Great to see more celebs getting their hands dirty for a good cause. Hit Sydne’s article for the rest of the story!

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