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The DiCaprio camp quietly launched an official website for their eco-documentary, The 11th Hour, this past week. The site is lite on details (the news section features the recent Vanity Fair article and a press release from 2005), but features some fleshed-out sections; most notable are profiles of almost all of the 71 people interviewed. There’s also a place to sign up for a “Lighten Your Footprint” campaign of some kind. I’ll be curious to see what take they have on that subject that the 1,000 other related campaigns haven’t already beaten into the ground.

The 11th Hour is already being labeled as a propaganda piece from environmentalists on the subject of global warming. This is due in large part to DiCaprio’s decision to not allow a dissenting viewpoint to interfere with his message. From a recent article,

Leonardo DiCaprio has said that he wants no opposition view when it comes to his latest film effort that highlight global warming. According to a report in the New York Daily News DiCaprio says that has heard enough bilge from oil-company apologists. He said this film focuses only on those who acknowledge global warming, such as Stephen Hawking, Mikhail Gorbachev and Andrew Weil. ‘The message won’t be diluted by our having to yell over oil-company-funded ‘scientists,’ he said. “

Unlike Gore’s film which focused on his own voice and research, DiCaprio’s piece will have the benefit of many voices from varying fields and expertise sharing their opinions. It’s much easier to heckle one individual than it is to discount more than 70. I think it’s a smart move and one that will further spark discussion in America over our role in how this issue plays out.

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  • Erica

    global warming who?

  • Rose

    Smart move Leo!! I can’t wait to see this film.Its important to get this message across, all of us must do our part to save planet earth.