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hannah.jpgDetermined to stave off fears that producing some green fuels may do more harm than good for the environment, Daryl Hannah and Willie Nelson are leading a campaign to establish biofuel standards for the U.S.

Called The Sustainable Biofuels Alliance, the group is pushing for September of ’07 to have established norms in place for biodiesel production. It will push checks on the supply chain and accredit firms seen as producing green fuels. From the article,

“I haven’t been to a gas station in seven years and it feels fantastic,” said Hannah, who lives off-grid in the Rocky Mountains, using solar energy and driving a car run on biodiesel made from recycled cooking oil. I want biofuels that are grown and produced in a sustainable manner,” she said. “I would not buy biodiesel made from palm oil… or from a bunch of animals poured in a vat.”

Hannah is concerned that more and more land — especially rainforest — is being converted into soy and palm oil plantations for biodiesel. Not only does this process kill of wildlife, but it also creates more emissions that contribute to the issue of Global Warming. Once the biodiesel certifications are in place, the group plans to move on to tackling ethanol; likely to back cellulosic ethanol, made from microbes that break down non-food crops.

I can imagine the corn lobbyists ain’t gonna be too happy with this development….

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