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Today, Global Green held an event in New Orleans to celebrate the start of construction of the first eco-home they will be building in the lower 9th Ward. The design was, of course, chosen by Brad Pitt back in September.

Since then, Pitt & Angie have moved to New Orleans to be part of this rebuilding of the city and enjoy the area with their family. Somehow they say they are able to live a normal life there. In an interview with a NOLA paper yesterday, Brad mentioned how much he missed riding his bike through New Orleans at night, and what a different experience it is being in Europe compared to his new home sweet home,

“Let me tell you, we’re in this house in Prague right now and there’s about 12 cars of paparazzi outside and some tourists with video cameras. I can’t describe why we’re allowed to live a more normal life (in New Orleans). Living in the French Quarter is a thrill for us. We have some semblance of real family life. People have been very, very gracious with us. If we’re on the front deck, people go by and say, ‘Hi.’ Then they go on their way, very friendly.”

Can you imagine? More peace in the US than in Europe? I can’t imagine what that must be like. Plus, think about this: “green” celebrities being stalked by cars and cars of paparazzi, many of which flew half way around the world to stalk them. Very naughty, ecorazzi would never do that!

Today Global Green also announced that Home Depot will be the leading funding partner of the project. They hope to have the first home up by the 2nd anniversary of Katrina. Pitt went on,

“You know, this is one little patch of dirt in New Orleans. It’s our hope to expand on the ideas put forth in this building project and help get people in homes, help people get to that moment when they can put the key in that lock and walk in their home and know that their family members are doing the same down the street and their kids are going to go to school and their communities are back together.

“I think more than anything, people need help getting in homes. It seems to me if you have to rebuild, you can turn it into an opportunity and create something better for the people who have to inhabit (rebuilt homes), because that technology is out there. If you can cut the (energy) bills in half, isn’t that worth going for? If you can make healthier homes, homes that are not making people as sick? I’m referring to cancer rates going up, asthma rates going up. If you can make a home that is better for the environment, and better for the future people who live there, isn’t that worth going for? Isn’t it better to take this catastrophe and actually replenish something that’s better for the people living there? Isn’t that worth going for?”

Brad, the more you talk green, the dreamier you get.  *Sigh*

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  • Jeffrey Schoner

    It’s the same model over and over again, somebody with celebrity to drive donations to keep the plight of New Orleans in the headlights of the media.

    Affordable, energy efficient housing is needed in cities all around the world.
    What continues to get over looked is creating good paying jobs so people can break out of poverty.

    We continue to drive jobs off shore and leave low paying positions behind that are not sustainable. Companies are all about the money and only give back because their is a tax benefit to do so.

    I have been working on a Mother Nature Resistant Building System that can be built by anybody who can lift 45 pounds with one hour of training. The system can be leveraged to pay people living at or below the poverty line $40,000 a year plus benefits and profit sharing.

    Houses can be built within days and sales can be leveraged to produce funding to support affordable housing.

    The amazing fact is I can’t find a dime to start production.

    If somebody out there is really interested in changing the world…
    e-mail me at and I will send details.