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Valerie, Ecorazzi Field Reporter, recently got the knuckle five and “Rock On!” from Adrian Grenier, and we haven’t stopped swooning since. So when we heard that Sierra Club Radio recently chatted it up (mp3) with this Ecorazzi hottie about his green home renovations, we were first in line to listen in.

Since there aren’t (or at least weren’t at the time he was under construction) a lot of resources on green materials and products, and many architects and contractors aren’t that familiar with the options yet, Adrian wound up doing most of the research on the greening of his home on his own. Eco-friendly features include radiant heat, reclaimed wood floors, denim insulation, and solar panels.

He’s adamant that being eco “doesn’t mean sacrifice” – we just need to replace the things that we consume with products that ultimately improve our quality of life. “The proof is in the pudding,” he says, “it’s actually improved my health and my lifestyle.” Though he doesn’t deny that building eco is an upfront investment which pays off over time.

On whether his fellow Entourage cast members give him a hard time on his eco-passions, “They drag their feet a bit, but I always get them to do different things.” Last year he convinced them to pitch in and buy tickets for An Inconvenient Truth for the crew of the show.

He’s also working with Lauren Gropper on creating a list of things that can make Entourage‘s production company greener. In fact, much like Reverb does in the music industry, it looks like Adrian & Lauren will be trying to do for film and television production. Imagine, recycling on set, more efficient lighting, alternative energy sources, reduction of “waste” created by the production, and perhaps even some eco-trailers for the stars to relax in? These are just my guesses, but the possibilities are endless.

Adrian finishes up his air time saying that he’s got a lot of confidence that we can turn global warming around and “I’m not really afraid…I’m actually excited about the changes ahead.”

I have to say, I’m the most impressed with the work that he’ll be doing with Lauren, helping green productions. Can’t wait to hear more about it. We *heart* you, Adrian. Keep up the good work!!

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