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snipshot_e4j8kqgxl83.jpgYahoo! Answers is at it again with another celebrity question aimed at getting discussion groovin’ on a particular subject. Since most celebrities today probably wouldn’t be caught dead asking, “What color Hummer should I get to match my white mink coat?” we instead have the more bland safety net asked by actor Matt Dillon with “What are the most effective yet simple ways people can save energy?

So far, more than 2,700 people have given Matt a myriad of ideas to choose from. We’ve even had some answers from people like environmental author Lester Brown and Adam Lowry,  co-founder of Method.  Lowry is currently converting his home to run on wind and solar energy. Both him and Brown recommend ditching your car in favor of mass transit or bicycles. You could also choose to shower less. From Lester’s answer,

“Instead of routinely showering every day, I shower after each work-out, typically three to four per week. The less hot water we use, the more energy we save.”

Hey, whatever makes you feel green inside.

I’m rather suspicious about these celebrity Q&A things because just like the DiCaprio question a few months back, there doesn’t seem to be much interaction with the stars and the people who answer. Granted, you’ve got people on there like John Kerry actually participating, but there’s little to suggest someone like Dillon will actually return to read some of the answers.

Interested in participating in the discussion, jump on over to Yahoo! Answers. 

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