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Old Christine Says No More Water BottlesIt has driven us nuts for a long time now. TV series that love bottled water. We watch our favorite characters on Gilmore Girls, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and The OC reach into the fridge and pull out a bottle of water to drink.

First of all, is this how people live in real life? Please tell me you don’t drink out of single serving bottles for your 8 glasses a day.

Secondly, TV should be not be using its power to encourage such a practice. Stick a Brita or a regular pitcher of water in the fridge. Something, anything, that is not a disposable plastic water bottle.

So please, people in Hollywood, in television…think about the messages you are sending and put the water in a pitcher! (Same goes for snacks on set, you know.)

Readers, any more examples?

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  • beckysoup61

    Hey! Yeah, you are right about that, I’ve never seen TV shows drink out of anything other then a water bottle, although, there have been a couple times on ALIAS (not on TV anymore) that I remember them drinking out of the tap.

  • michael

    Ironically, my uncle is the VP and designer of the labeling for Fiji Water — a staple product on The OC — we had our last family reunion at their mansion in Malibu and the place was stocked with the crap. Let’s just say that I was in the Lions Den with this one and the protest was a little difficult. Still, I’m going to push for change with my Aunt — who brought Fiji into the main parent corporation a few years and can influence change. We’ll see….

  • beckysoup61


    Good luck with that. That’s one reason I’m glad I don’t live in the OC area. I’m originally from Washington, and I value and love how they respect the environment in most cases.

  • rebecca

    Fiji made an appearance on Nip/Tuck last night as well. Oh Christian Troy, what are we going to do with you?

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  • Rob

    I see what you’re saying and it makes sense to a degree and I know you need to make money but when I see an ad under the article that reads, “Private Label 500ml Water 500 ml water with your Company Name and custom label for promotions Ads by Google” I think, like much of our water today, you need a better filter… It goes against your message and doesn’t help you at all.

  • rebecca

    Rob, great catch! We’ll work on what we can do to make the ads more relevant. The ads are not the perfect solution – far from it…but they do help us maintain the site. Thanks for the comment and we’ll see what we can do.

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  • Dara

    “First of all, is this how people live in real life? Please tell me you don’t drink out of single serving bottles for your 8 glasses a day.”

    Actually, yes. If you lived in New Jersey, you would too.

  • rebecca

    Dara, if you believe local water is a problem, what about reusable 5 gallon jugs?