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At the premiere of Ocean’s 13 last night at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in LA, Brad Pitt wowed the red carpet crowds by appearing in a BMW Hydrogen 7. Okay, the crowd could probably care less about the car, but we’re completely giddy.

Here’s the scoop from Autobloggreen,

“BMW is getting a lot of publicity out of the Hydrogen 7s they’ve got in America. If you go back and watch the video of the AFVI show from April, you’ll notice that this Hydrogen 7 is the exact same one I was able to drive in April (or they switched license plates). I can’t tell from this image if the company removed all the “clean energy” markings from the side (visible here) so as not distract from Mr. Pitt’s suaveness. Whatever the case, let’s pretend that AutoblogGreen is one step closer to being on the A-list. Or something.”

We hear you guys — seeing a hydrogen vehicle in the wild is always exciting. Of course, you don’t have to be headed to the red carpet to drive one around town. Stars like Q’Orianka Kilcher have their own hydrogen car (the Honda FCX) in the garage. Still, it’s a sign of things to come and we’re jazzed that Pitt chose such a vehicle to take to the premiere.

Hit Autobloggreen for more details, or dip yourself into Hydrogen/Pitt goodness with additional photos here.

Hey Clooney, where’s the Tango?!  Thanks to Linton for the tip!

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  • Sarah

    I’m really glad that you posted this article but please understand that there is a HUGE difference between this car and the car that Q’Orianka Kilcher has (the Honda FCX).

    The BMW Hydrogen 7 that Pitt was driving is what is called a Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Vehicle. Kilcher’s vehicle is a Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV).

    Hydrogen ICE’s are positive in that they rely largely on the existing engine technology of internal combustion engines and they are helpful in establishing the hydrogen infrastructure. However, these vehicles offer an incredibly poor use of hydrogen (only 10-15% efficient) and because of that combustion process they are NOT pollution free — they emit NOX from the tailpipe.

    Fuel Cell Vehicles on the other hand, are much more efficient – actually 2 to 3 times as efficient as Hydrogen ICE’s. Additionally, because fuel cells do not use the combustion process, but rather use a electrochemical reaction, they are COMPLETELY pollution free — they emit only water vapor from the tailpipe.

    Ultimately to get to the point of commercialization of Fuel Cell Vehicles the hydrogen infrastructure will need to be developed. Hydrogen ICE’s, therefore, are an important stepping stone to this goal. Please just ask your readers to keep in mind that because of their use of the internal combustion engine it is important that we support the goal of fuel cell vehicles.

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  • RemyC

    OK, I’m going to burst everyone’s green hot air bubble here for a second… The Hydrogen economy is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire… Even Amory Lovins has written it off… there are too many problems to mention, but in a nutshell… Folks who know, have always known, that H2 was a bone thrown to the environmentalists by the automobile makers and the administration to put alternative fuels way into the impossible future… Right now, GM and the Idaho National Engineering Lab want to build hundreds of new nukes all over the world, just to make hydrogen for cars… It’s insane!!! A hydrogen pumping station costs a quarter of a million dollars… storing hydrogen is a nightmare… 430 degrees below zero as a liquid, and as a gas, it escapes everything, no seal can hold it… it’s the primary molecule… it squeezes through metal… plus if hydrogen isn’t absolutely clean, it clogs up the membranes of fuel cells, which is why all the fuel cell companies are going bust right now… how much for a rapid charger for a car like the Tesla Motors roadster? $10,000… and you can recharge a li-ion pack in ten minutes… and you can drive 150 miles on 30 cents of electricity… that’s what the oil and auto companies don’t want you to know… how simple, easy, attractive, the infrastructure is already here, of EV transportation… so hydrogen? yeah, maybe, the day they can figure out how to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, so it doesn’t cost a fortune, and transporting it doesn’t cost a fortune… H2 is dead folks, get used to it, poor Brad got sold a bill of goods… he should listen to his friend George!

  • Mike Halpin

    RemyC sounds like a BATTERYHEAD with his wires crossed. If battery technology is so good why are all the major wharehouse companies taking batteries out of their forklift trucks and fitting them out with fuel cells?

    We both agree electric vehicles are the way to go but differ on how supply the electricity to them.

    We are not far off the day when we will be able to split water from solar panels on the garage roof to run the family car on hydrogen. We have the technology now to give us a range of 1200 miles using fuel cells.

    Mike H. founder HYDROGENHEADS

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