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Bono on OprahSet your DVRs, because the (RED) campaign we’ve been driving you crazy about has hit the USA. Bono will be with Oprah on Friday and they will be painting the town (RED)! Alicia Keys, Penelope Cruz, and Kanye West will also be there. That’s tomorrow, folks! We will do our best to live blog it at 4pm ET.

Thanks for the tip, Wendy!

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  • Christine

    Bono is so cool.

  • Tod Brilliant

    So, the idea is that we CONSUME our way out of our problems?

    I agree that Bono is cool, but I’m skeptical about this one.

  • rebecca

    Tod, yes, this is the one. :)

  • Christine

    Well, the part I particularly like is that one of the t-shirt lines will be made using cotton grown in Africa. This supports farmers and stimulates the local economy, which I personally think is better in the long run than just giving them money.

    Also, most people who buy product red aren’t going to care about AIDS, that’s true. But whether they buy it with social conscientiousness (did I just make up a word?) in mind or not, it’s going towards a good deed.

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