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snipshot_e41lwkdttle3.jpgWe’re currently caught in a summer of green books that seek to inspire and educate on the myriad of ways we can all lead healthier and eco-friendly lifestyles. I promoted the “handy” approach taken by the Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook, and have applauded the consumer approach taken by Josh Dorfman’s, The Lazy Environmentalist. Now comes a book that delves even deeper beyond the tips and offers some great explanations for “why” such advice is good for you and the planet. Called The Green Book, authors Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas Kostige offer up a wealth of useful information — while also seeking to inspire by incorporating insights and stories from green Hollywood celebrities and musicians.

Take for instance the foreward — a conversation between award-winning architect William McDonough and actress Cameron Diaz. Both talk about what inspired their green ways; with Cameron sourcing lessons from her grandmother saying, “My grandmother raised her own livestock in her backyard. I watched her reuse tinfoil and plastic bags. She would make soap out of fat drippings off of the meat she cooked. Nothing went to waste. Everything was reused and recycled.”

In later chapters, Owen Wilson waxes poetic about his green transition saying, “I started driving a Prius a few years ago, and I was surprised to find myself a little defensive about it. You know, aside from the whole environmental thing, I’d say, almost dismissively, ‘it’s actually a pretty cool car to drive.’ It was like I was halfway apologetic because I didn’t want to be aligned with any group, or movement. Sort of like, ‘Hey, just because I’m driving a hybrid doesn’t mean I’m turning into Ed Begley Jr.’

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

In between these treats of personal perspective, we have great information on topics such as “Entertainment”, “Travel”, “Communication/Technology”, “School”, and myriad of other great chapters. Additional celebrities writing in include Ellen DeGeneres, Robert Redford, Will Ferrell, Jennifer Aniston, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Tyra Banks, Martha Stewart, Tiki Barber, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Justin Timberlake.

It’s a worthy book to add to you collection or to hand out to friends you think could use a little nudging in the right direction. It’s not preachy — just practical advice that’s pertinent for anyone wanting to make some healthier changes in their lifestyle. Diaz hits the true intention early on saying, “It you think of it as taking away something, withholding something, and not having everything that we want, then nobody wants to participate in that. Nobody wants to be a part of it. But the idea of still getting everything we want, but just doing it in the right way, in a good way — like you said, not less but more good — that is the real goal.”

You can pick up The Green Book at Amazon. com or any local bookstore. It will hit June 19th.

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