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Jay-Z & Beyonce…charter an extra plane for a couple more suitcases. Option B. For sure. That’s what Jay-Z & Beyonce reportedly did this week when they had a little too much luggage. I swear this is recycled news, as we reported on a similar story when ecorazzi first opened it’s doors. (Alas, the post was lost in a server transition.) But it might have been Diddy. Anyway, it’s possible this is just a common practice among celebs who don’t give a sh!t.

Oh wait, isn’t this for the great save the planet concert we’ve been pumping green juice into? Water for Life? Hmm…Maybe the water comes from the artic ice melting and creating new rivers from the huge amounts of carbon created by using an extra plane for your knickknacks?

Celebritology via StarPulse

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  • beckysoup61

    Sounds like J.Lo and Beyonce are on the same wavelength.

    *Sigh* IF I could walk everywhere I needed to go (I usually do), then I would, but one just can’t walk from Idaho to D.C. :)

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  • shawty B

    Let it and let live. let people do what they wanna do.F.Y.I you can never have to much luggage…no such thing

  • Danee

    Aaliyah died from having excessive equipment better safe than sorry