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Tearing a page out of Star Wars, Al Gore used some high-tech wizardry to appear in holographic form for the kick-off to Live Earth Tokyo. He had previously only used a video link to hook up with the Sydney crowd. Without a doubt, this guy will have individually spoken to billions by the end of the day. Holograms are cool, but the ability to have that kind of exposure is absolutely incredible. Here’s a snippet of what he had to say during his 3D performance.

“What an amazing world we live in – I love it that I can stand here on this stage in Tokyo and speak to you in holographic form. It is astounding that in just these recent few decades we have invented technologies that enable us to connect and instantly communicate our ideas and intentions with people on the other side of the globe.

Because of the communication channels and technologies now available to us, this venue is, at this moment, connected to the entire world. You are all communicating to well over 2 billion people right now – including all the Live Earth audiences in Sydney, Shanghai, Johannesburg, Hamburg, London, Rio de Janeiro and New York and the broadcast audience who will be watching on television and the Internet in over 100 countries.

The human race is also connected by the climate crisis. It is a global problem that transcends boundaries, languages and cultures. The climate crisis will impact everyone, everywhere on Earth. If we look at the Earth from space, it looks like a blue ball coated with a very thin layer of lacquer, within which the air, water, and living beings exist. This fragile layer is all we have. It’s our only home – and we owe it to our children and our children’s children to protect it.”

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