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Leonardo DiCaprioNew York Post’s famous gossip column Page Six, is slamming Leonardo DiCaprio for taking a private jet from Paris to Rome. They take Laurie David down, too, while they are at it. Here’s the quote:

The environ mental avenger – has no problems preaching about the evils of gas-guzzling cars, but, like his green pal Laurie David, he just can’t give up the fossil fuel- chugging pri vate planes.


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And who else is riding in private jets: Jay-Z & Beyonce, J. Lo & Marc Anthony

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  • beckysoup61

    Personally, I can forgive him for a little faux-pas like this, because 1) He does more then any other celebrity for the green cause. 2) This happened once, right?

    They just needed to pick on somebody, IMO.

  • michael

    Personally, I could care less. If celebrity activists followed all the rules, all the time, they would all be living in a hut somewhere in the woods. Last I heard, the guy offset most of his air-travel through carbon credits. You don’t see Diddy or Beyonce doing that?

  • Jasmin

    If that’s true about Laurie David, then I’m really surprised at her.

  • Tina

    I think its a bit unfair to pick on Leonardo,when he is one of the few young actors who does alot for the environment. How do they expect him to go to another country? walking? by row boat? hot air balloons? I think its unrealistic to be totally 100% environmentalist in this world..only a cave man can be one at this! You can still be an environmentalist in many ways..each one of us doing our bit to save the environment, instead of picking on celebrities who tried to do their bit, the sincere ones of course. They’ll always be the phony ones, who do this out of publicity gain, but watching Leonardo Dicaprio over the years campaigning on this, the same for Robert Redford and a few others, we can honestly say, they are doing their best. So kudos to them!

  • Tina

    I forgot to add, as for private jets, commercial airlines run on a specific schedule as for departures, sometimes if a celebrity has to be in a specific area and time, it can meet their schedule demands. So they might not have much choice but to use a private jet.