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While we’ve all known for some time that bottled water is environmentally unfriendly, and in many cases nothing but glorified tap water in individually-sized leaching plastic bottles, we just can’t shake our aqua addiction. We’re seeing more and more celebrities jump on the wet bandwagon- rapper 50 Cent, Kelly Clarkson, and most recently Jennifer Aniston have been promoting designer waters.

There is one water project, though, that’s not just attracting celebrities, it’s actually making a difference. You might recall our previous story about The Tap Project, which helps UNICEF save lives by providing people with access to clean drinking water. Since our first report, The Tap Project has really taken off and continues to gain the attention of major celebs- actress Rosario Dawson, hunky daddy Peter Sarsgaard, Weed’s Mary Louise Parker and many more.

Most recently, Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker has signed on to endorse the project, which first launched in the Big Apple and is scheduled to hit San Francisco and other major U.S. cities Spring 2008.

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My name is Kelli, and I live in San Francisco, California with my wonderful five year-old…dog. I began contributing to in June, as a way to feed my insatiable appetite for gossip without totally loosing sight about what really matters. In my day job, I work as a community organizer for a great non-profit environmental organization, so environmentalism is both my interest and my profession. I’ve been an environmental activist for several years, and have had great experiences fighting for clean energy, against the destruction of imperiled forests’, and to protect endangered species. In my spare time, I write for, bike through the hectic city of San Francisco, volunteer as a children’s pottery instructor and tutor, knit at the dog park, and see a lot of live music.

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  • Chris Anderson

    Bottled water is not necessarily healthier or safer than tap water.
    Twenty-five percent of all bottled water is actually repackaged tap water.
    Bottled water doesn’t deserve the nutritional halo that most people give it for being pure, If you’re not an exclusive bottled water drinker, you may find it worthwhile to check into filtering your tap water to save money. In a recent Gallop survey, most consumers said they drink bottled water because they perceive it to be purer than tap water. Taste and convenience are also factors.
    Because bottled water is considered a food, it is regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration. Tap water is regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Both types of water are subject to testing for contaminates.
    An estimated 60 to 70 percent of all bottled water in the U.S. is packaged and sold within the same state, which exempts it from FDA regulation. And 1 in 5 states do not regulate that bottled water.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which regulates bottled water at the federal level, permits the product to contain certain levels of fecal matter, whereas the Environmental Protection Agency does not allow any human waste in city tap water. Bottled water violations are not always reported to the public, and in most cases the products may be recalled up to 15 months after the problematic water was produced, distributed, and sold.

    Moreover, tests on 1,000 bottles of 103 different brands of bottled water found man-made chemicals, bacteria and arsenic in 22 percent of the bottles.
    Tap water is also not immune to contamination problems. While most cities meet the standards for tap water, some tap water in the 19 U.S. cities tested was found to contain arsenic, lead, and pesticides.

    Solution: Try a Multipure water filter for one week! If you like the taste you will probably buy one.
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