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chateau val joanisIt’s no secret that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie despise the paparazzi. As the most famous couple on the planet, their daily routine involves dodging cameramen eager to grab any shot of their family in motion. Rumors were swirling that plans were underway to move their permanent base from the United States to somewhere in Europe, and now we can confirm that they’ve settled on a chateau in the south of France called Chateau Val Joanis. Not only does this estate boast almost 1,000 acres of much-needed privacy, but it also includes a productive — and very old — eco-friendly vineyard. How old? Let’s just say that the Romans used to enjoy the wine from this location.

In fact, the chateau features visible remains of the Roman Villa that once existed on the site. In addition to the fantastic wine, the Pitt-Jolie clan will also enjoy a massive sustainable vegetable garden and olive orchard. But back to the grapes — from the site,

“At Val Joanis, we are a family, and we are determined to preserve our ancestral values, adapting them to modern techniques provided these do not conflict with nature. We are concerned to protect our environment and to leave more to future generations than we ourselves received. Because we respect our land, we strive to improve it by our methods of cultivation. We accept that our yields are well below the general average. So we practise a sustainable system of agriculture, rejecting any kind of chemical manuring. Mineral fertilizers are not used, and in their place we apply organic supplements of vegetable origin.”

We’re not one to think that Brad and Angelina are going to get to work tending grape vines, but we’re hopeful that their love of the property includes the green values held by the previous owners. You can check out the full details on the property here. I don’t see any mention of the estate being for sale — but does anyone want to take a guess at price?

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