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adrianparisvanessa.jpgAt a private Hollywood screening hosted by ForestEthics and Warner Independent for Leonardo DiCaprio’s production of The 11th Hour, celebs Paris Hilton, Adrian Grenier, and Vanessa Williams (of Soul Food) stopped in to support the film and the environmental organization that has saved 5 million acres of forest in the last five years. Paris and Adrian held up the screening 45 minutes with their late entrance and unfortunately us ecorazzi reporters were waiting patiently in the screening room for the show to start and missed a snapshot with the glamorous Ms. Hilton. Eco-fashion show producer Rob Ganger of EcoNouveau was an eyewitness of the spectacle and said, “It was amazing to see her and think about the footprint that woman has on our lives.”

After an hour and a half of watching the film’s interviews, startling images, and eco-hero Leo on the silver screen, The 11th Hour received wild applause from the crowd and a panel of environmental leaders came on stage to talk about the action we can take to battle climate change. Tzeporah Berman of ForestEthics, who was one of the experts interviewed in The 11th Hour was joined by Nina Simons of Bioneers (whose company was profiled in the film), Sarah Laimon of Green Ambassadors, and eco-celeb Sharon Lawrence of the TV show Monk. Sharon confessed that Hollywood was “a dirty industry” and could look into powering up with bio-diesel fuel, recycling paper, bottles, cans, as well as electronics, and get teamsters involved with greening production offices and sets. Nina Simons encouraged us to “clarify your passion for re-inventing the world” as there are many ways to get involved with protecting the Earth. Sarah Laimon told us to “empower the youth with solutions” and immediately after a bold young woman of the Green Ambassadors unscriptedly got on stage and announced that she would be a green leader in the future.

Changes, friends, they are a-coming. The 11th Hour will be released nationwide on August 11th.

Sarah Shewey is a contributing writer for ecorazzi and produces eco-friendly happenings for Pink Cloud Events.

  • RemyC

    “get teamsters involved with greening production offices and sets”… I’ve been saying that for years… it was the first thing i told bonnie reiss in 1975… and yet, it’s taken this long, 30 years… to finally sink in… i like the green paris make-over… maybe lindsay will be next… britney?… ecorazzi should start a green school for wannabe green celebs… imagine how cool the classroom would be? have summer rayne oakes teach discipline!