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snipshot_b5frdni4a.jpgAl Gore was at Berkeley yesterday to lend his celebrity and activist power in supporting Proposition 87, a bill that will tax oil companies more than $4 billion dollars in support of renewable energy and programs aimed at reducing the impact of Global Warming.

Unfortunately, Gore didn’t quite make the entrance green activists might have been looking for. Sure, he arrived in a Toyota Prius; but his motorcade included “three motorcycles, two limousines and a Dodge Ram 1500 light duty truck.” WTF? Why the truck? Is it a security measure? Why two limousines? I’m not at all going to attempt to defend this one. I can understand having security precautions in place for the former V.P.; but a truck? Aye….

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  • beckysoup61

    A truck?

    Yeah, doesn’t make much sense either.

  • David

    I was at that rally, and walking up to it right when his motorcade pulled up, and I have to stand up to defend the former VP. The two “limosines” were normal, 4-door Lincoln’s, and they were absolutely security, because they were looking at the guys on the roof while Gore was in the open (before the rally started). Also, I have to point out that not only was Al himself in a Prius, it was clearly advertised as a 100+ MPG hybrid plug-in, way better than a stock Prius. I didn’t see a truck, but if there was one, there’s no excuse for that. I do need to point out, though, that all the equipment had “Solar Powered by …” all over it. I think they did the best they could.

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  • michael

    David–thanks for that reality check. The news only told us as much as they were willing apparently. How excited to see a 100+ Plug-In Hybrid. Could this be the ’08 model? Amazing, if so. Apparently, the light-duty truck was at the back of the motorcade.

  • rebecca

    David, I also want to thank you for the eye-witness report. We need more of that around here. Please let us know if you ever have any more sightings and want to cut through all of the press coverage and get right to the chase – we’d be happy to hear it.

    Anyone have pictures of this motorcade?

  • odiyya

    Get some sort of a clue folks. A man makes multi-million dollar contribution to climate change, releases a carbon neutral movie, a carbon neutral book, devotes his lifestyles and businesses to carbon neutrality and you are trying to nit pick about 3 vehicles, even when his personal transportation was a hybrid?

    The problem is people don’t understand how to make a positive impact. As soon as someone tries to make a difference the public demands saint like perfection when they themselves can’t come close to the same dedication to the cause.

    The man is the former VP. A certain amount of security and infrastructure go along with that. Deal with it.

  • michael

    A truck?

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  • Frankiefurt

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