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We’re still recovering from Farm Aid 2007 over here. Thanks again to Thomas Farley, Melissa Rosenberg and Matthew Krautheim for covering the event. We covered the event live, but browsed around the web to see what others had to say about the day.

Farm Aid Flag. Photo Credit: Matthew Krautheim.

The Hawk tells of delicious, local food:

The Homegrown Village operated throughout the event and showcased organic, homegrown food and displays to raise awareness for family farms. As Dave Matthews said, “Get yourself some of those organic corndogs. I’ve had about five or six of them myself.” The food was amazing, if a bit expensive. Some of the juices and smoothies seemed a little steep at $6, but other items, like the fresh peaches for a dollar each, were well worth it.

Willie Nelson at Farm Aid. Photo credit: Matthew Krautheim.

Newsday pondered why, oh why, would you put a “farm” concert next to New York City:

Well, it’s worth remembering that New York City is part of a state that’s home to about 35,000 family farms, many of which are struggling to survive. Also, New York’s status as a media epicenter ensures that the Farm Aid message would reach a sizable audience. But Nelson hit on perhaps the most important reason for the choice of venue at a morning press conference that kicked off the day’s events. “More people eat here than anywhere in the world,” he said with a sly grin, “so you need us.”


Neil Young at Farm Aid 2007. Photo credit: Matthew Krautheim

And Cinema Blend fell in love with the fact that these performers picked a cause over 20 years ago and have stuck with it:

Neil Young’s performance was by far the highlight of the evening. He and Nelson performed the Farm Aid standard Homegrown which Young explained, “used to be about one thing and now is about another.” Ok, it’s cheesy, but in a time when every musician is suddenly an activist and feels the need to impart their only recently realized political agendas onto innocent ticket-holders, you have to have infinite respect for these guys who have been unassumingly planted in a cause for over two decades. To hear Young and Nelson talk about the travesty of family farms fighting a losing battle to factory competitors, you’d have to be Satan (or Bush) himself not to care.

These guys are the real deal and there’s just something endlessly soul-quenching about that. And maybe it was the nine solid hours of drinking organic beer, but when Young, his wife Pegi and pedal steel guitarist Ben Keith did Heart of Gold, I let myself sink pretty deep into the moment.

There was also plenty of biodiesel promotion throughout the day…

Farm Aid Biodiesel Bus. Photo Credit: Matthew Krautheim

You can watch the webcast of the concert, with or without making a donation (we recommend WITH), here through Septemeber 20.

For even more (incredible!) Farm Aid photos, please visit Matthew Krautheim’s set on Flickr.

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