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bat.jpgThe Dark Knight is a hero to some — but to the city of Hong Kong he’s an annoyance, a trouble maker, an inconvenience to traffic flow, and a creator of noise pollution. Ouch, what’s a guy got to do to get a little recognition overseas?

The filming for the official sequel to Batman Begins, titled The Dark Knight, is set for this November and local politicians are getting worried over the implications. From the article,

“Local politicians who met the film’s producers on Thursday reportedly expressed concerns at the inconvenience and ‘traffic chaos,’ Batman might cause during the nine-day shoot. One district councilor warned residents in the normally teeming, high-decibel city to ‘prepare earplugs’ as the movie-makers planned to use a helicopter for late night scenes, the report added. ‘Of course, we are worried that the residents will be disturbed,’ Kam Nai-wai, a district councilor for the affected downtown district of Central was quoted as saying.”

We all know that noise pollution is a bitch. Barely any of us can go somewhere absolutely quiet. There’s always the hum of something in the background. Obviously, officials don’t want them filming the flick at 2am — but this is Batman. C’mon! It just wouldn’t be the same seeing him run around at 3pm on a Tuesday. Hit the jump for more. 

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