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We’ve seen the Toyota Prius used as a limo to shuttle various green stars to events, but this is the first time we’ve actually heard of anyone converting a Prius to actually look like a limo.

According to Autoblog, this custom 10-seater was hacked at the middle, re-formed and re-stuffed, and welded back together. You might think this would kill the MPG the Prius is so famous for, but the creator insists it still gets over 50 mpg. Huh? I remain skeptical over that claim, yet impressed with how well the whole redesign came together. Now convert this thing into a plug-in and you’ll really have something. Perhaps Yoko would be impressed?

via Autoblog 

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  • Brooke

    The green auto community keeps getting more innovative and more fantastic by the day! I would love to go out in a prius limo!

  • rebecca

    I’m surprised they didn’t make the second door open the opposite way, so that you can open both back doors at the same time and have a larger “entrance” into the car. Though I’m not sure how the seating is arranged on the inside…

    Incidentally, the hacking, welding, etc. is the same way that Hummer limos are made.

  • Gates

    Wow that thing is nice. Doesn’t seem to have much of a limo feel to it though, I dont see the kids taking one of those to the prom.

  • Mr. Know it All

    WHAT A WASTE OF RESOURCES!! A car that was originally built in Japan, shipped to the US, and then fueled with petroleum, most likely imported from another country. That’s not something to be proud of folks. AND PLEASE END THIS RIDICULOUS NONSENSE ABOUT PLUG-IN HYBRIDS. THERE AREN’T ANY ON THE ROAD THAT HAVE PASSED FEDERAL SAFETY CRASH TESTS. DO YOU WANT TO BE THE GUINEA PIG WHO GOES UP IN ONE OF THESE PIPE DREAM DEATH TRAPS CALLED A “PLUG-IN?” WAKE UP!

    How about a car built in the USA and fueled with US fuel…hmmm…keep thinking…figure it out yet?

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  • RemyC

    Yes… I wonder where they made it 6 door… More like a livery vehicle than a limo… Good for airport shuttle… Check out another EV lime… the KAZ… Google it!!!