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natalie-portman.jpgActress Natalie Portman and animal expert Jack Hanna join forces on a special Animal Planet documentary “Saving a Species: Gorillas on the Brink.” The pair journey deep into Rwanda’s rainforest in search of the rare mountain gorilla. Hanna guides Natalie on her trek to learn more about this amazing endangered species around Congo’s Virunga National Park.

According to the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project, less than 700 of the species survive today and primarily in only two areas. In addition to naturally-occurring health problems, mountain gorillas suffer from human-induced injuries and illness associated with poaching, war, and habitat loss. The M.G.V.P does its work in the gorilla’s natural habitat in Africa, but it is affiliated with the Maryland zoo. “Our mission statement is to go in and help the gorillas’ health when it is man-induced or a life-threatening situation,” said Mike Cranfield, director of the project.

The show premieres October 26 at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT on Animal Planet. To learn more about the mountain gorilla and how you can help, check out the The Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project.

  • Evisu

    Great job, they need a lot of help and protection.

  • Becky

    Good for her, I’ve always liked her!!

  • deena

    gorillas in the mist made me sob. the scene where they found her favorite male gorilla beheaded, and behanded was so horrible. to think those hands were used as ashtrays.
    thanks natalie for bringing support to this wonderful cause.

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  • Mia

    Thanks to them for helping this nearly extict species. Why such innocent, beautiful creatures are killed is a horrible thing. Punishment should be severe.