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im.jpgOh, whatever will happen if the UK reality show, “I’m A Celebrity, Now Get Me Out Of Here!” does not complete filming? With such participants as ex-Sex Pistols boss Malcolm McLaren and Prince Andrew’s former girlfriend Koo Stark, one can only hope that the current eco-situation is resolved quickly so as not to deter filming. What a shame that would be.

But alas, it has come to the attention of producers that the “jungle” site (located in balmy New South Wales) has become contaminated with a toxic insecticide. The Department of Environment and Climate Change officials have advised people to stay away from the water, and banned fishing and swimming. The creators of the show are shaken over the future; especially since — and I quote — “that water is traditionally the locus of so many money-shots.” Wow. Imagine CBS complaining that way about Survivor. From the article,

“Officials from the Department of Environment and Climate Change carried out tests and found the area had been mysteriously polluted. Boss Laurence Orel said: ‘We’re still investigating the case. When we work out the cause we’ll be able to look at ways to rehabilitate the area… But at this stage we’re advising people not to draw water out of the creek or eat any fish caught there.'”

Mysteriously polluted or some divine force attempting to ward off yet another reality television show? Hell, even the Devil has taste.

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  • becky

    Such like Hollywood. Worried about the water because it gets them $$$, not because it might be harmful to the environment.