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Stop Global Warming NecklaceEverybody wants a little bling now and then. Now, you can support “Stop Global Warming” and get your bling on at the same time.

Cool Planet Jewelry has teamed up with Laurie David‘s Stop Global Warming organization to offer some eco-friendly jewelry. How is it friendly to the earth? Cool Planet tells us, “The collection uses recycled precious metals thus eliminating new mining, which is a significant source of environment degradation.” Each sale will result in donations to Stop Global Warming, as well as NRDC…plus the website is 100% solar powered.

Prices vary, ranging from affordable sterling silver pieces to more expensive platinum. Go see them for yourself: Cool Planet Jewelry.

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  • Aaron

    The pendant looks fun, but too bad there arn’t too many variations of it. I’m sure it will come tho, once they see that people will pay anything to be ‘green’. Too bad they didn’t make the jewelry out of more common materials, like pressed aluminum, and helped with the landfills instead of from old jewelry.

  • lee

    yeah.. since there is a broad price range, i’m not going to diss the platinum bling ones, and since there is that cute red enamel one, not even going to rapp any knuckles because of a lack of variety. (maybe make tiny comment about the quixotic impossibility of “fighting” GW?>)

    Anyway Aaron– did you go and look at the CoolPlanetJewelery “About us” section on their site? LDavid is not going to go and use newly mined gold.. not when we have, like GerenKarat, evolved past that already… so no excuses, now we best be seeing you with a stylee planet of fire pendant :p