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aboutme2.jpgFirst Paris wants to help drunken elephants and now the Dalai Lama’s Land Rover will hook you up with Sharon Stone? What the hell is going on?

The Dalai Lama’s 1966 Land Rover, once used as the official transportation for His Holiness, is up for grabs on Ebay. 100% of the proceeds from this sale will go towards the Dalai Lama Foundation; which promotes and develops projects and curricula for ethics and peace.

Here’s where things get interesting — obviously, you win the auction, you get the Land Rover (which appears incredibly well taken care of for its age). In addition, you also receive a three-day Buddhism study session with the Dalai Lama in India (travel expenses not included), and a dinner date with Sharon Stone at The Missing Peace Art Exhibit show.

Bizarre. I think a dinner date with famed Buddhist Richard Gere would have been a bit more appropriate. Stone’s actions with wearing fur on a regular basis just don’t seem to gel with the Buddhist philosophy of compassion and love for all things. In fact, in a speech in August, the Dalai Lama said, “I am ashamed and don’t feel like living when I see all those pictures of people decorating themselves with skins and furs.” How is Stone in association with this His Holiness?

Hit the Ebay link to check out the bidding. Starting bid is a cool $75K!

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  • Andrea

    I agree. Ms. Stone seems like a strange choice to me. There are plenty of other non-fur wearing compassionate celebs to choose from.

  • crazy

    Sharon Stone have done more than any Celebrity for man kind. Because you are among the PETA clan and you want to control other people’s lives based on your belief. Not a chance, I would succumb to this coolaid drinking bunch who hate human beings.

  • ash

    I will never understand how people can turn a blind eye to the atrocity that is wearing fur.

    “want to control other people’s lives based on your belief”

    ???? um… so you believe that skinning animals for fashion is hunky dory?

    how can you think this is ok????

  • crazy

    Save the Seal group! Save the Whale group! Save the Dolphin group! Save the Rat group! Save the cow group! Vegetaian groups! Don’t eat meat groups! who gives a damn about the Human Race? STOP CONTROLLING OTHERS FOR YOUR DAMN BELIEFS, GET A GRIGGIN LIFE.

  • The truth

    Finally the truth is told. Thank you crazy for stating the obvious. These groups are such hypocrites. They all believe in what they believe except for saving human lives. Fetus is a living being folks. These are the same people who believes in a woman right to choose. I say unto each one of you; I believe in a woman right to wear what she wants. PETA SUCK!!!

  • michael

    It’s a simple question: Do the values that Sharon Stone embodies lie congruent with those of the Dalai Lama? Due to the above quote from His Holiness, that answer is no. Therefore, Sharon Stone is not an ideal choice for this promotion.

  • The truth

    I will continue to wear fur until all abortions are stop, then we can talk. Until then, there’s no argument about babies verses animals right. I say wear all the furs you want. The Dalai Lama have chosen the right person who has been dedicated to his cause. His holiness have seen Ms. Stone work for many years for her dedication. Good Luck Ms. Stone, I do have a lot of respect for her, for she doesn’t pretend about anything. She’s open with what ever she does. Agree or to disagree? She does what she want. She has the guts to be honest, and for that, you people cannot handle it. RIGHT ON SISTER!!

  • michael

    Um, Sharon Stone is pro-choice. So, you’ll continue to support her, then?

  • Zm

    Q: Are all of the people who are bashing Sharon Stone 100% vegans or actively-ethical vegetarians?

    Ask yourself. Do you wear any clothing (such as shoes or jackets) that contain leather? Do you eat any form of meat, including fish? Do you consume dairy foods. Do you know for sure that it comes from animals treated humanely? The label organic does not guarantee this. For instance, some dairy conglomerates that don’t use pesticides and are “organic” also don’t let their animals have a quality, free-roaming life.

    My point is not against PETA, vegans, or ethical vegetarians who are against this. I support their purpose. I just find it interesting how quickly some people will bash another person without knowing details or without living up to their own ideals. It’s also frightening how people rationalize and accept that some animals (e.g. cows) are fine to consume while the “cuter” animals are not.

    I’m completely against fur for vanity, especially if it’s derived inhumanely. I realize, that’s probably the case: her coat is derived inhumanely. On the other hand, I didn’t expect to be playing Stone’s advocate. It’s just that I also find it wrong for people to jump to conclusions when I suspect that they’re well within the realm of hypocrisy.

  • Zm

    Addendum: actually, fur for vanity is fine, so long as it’s a byproduct of a purposeful utility (e.g. food), and the animals were treated ethically. That’s the main issue. It’d be wrong to forgo the fact that byproducts shouldn’t be wasted and animal-based clothing does, alone, serve a purpose (warmth). [And, no, I’m not referring to Stone’s case…]

  • michael

    It’s a good point, ZM. Thanks for that.

    What I’m questioning is why Stone is associated with the Dalai Lama? If he is truly against this cruel practice of killing animals for their skins, one would think there might be other celebrities of purer spiritual heart to choose from.

  • Zm

    Thanks! Well, in fairness, it’d be wrong to think of Sharon Stone and the Dalai Lama as 2-dimensional beings/caricatures. I’m not sure how fair it is to judge one of them as possibly being more or less pure, when we truly know neither in real life, and on what relative basis?

    My knowledge of Stone and celebrities is limited but I just watched the 4-part video on YouTube and that provides some understanding of how she’s associated with all of this, through her charity work. She also alluded to her 10-years of being involved in his teachings. This section helps too:

    All in all, it’s a charity event and the point is to raise a lot of money. She’s associated with the whole thing, so she decided to add her celeb-status to the list of benefits, to raise more money. Seems like a good fit to me… :)

  • truth13

    I would not buy a car from this Dalai Liar or Lama scoundrel. What a snake oil salesman!
    The Dalai Lama talked about peace and justice for the world, but what about peace and justice for those murdered by his good friends such as Shoko Asahara, Dr. Bruno Beger and Augustine Pinochet? The Dalai Lama is a major hypocrite and greatest fraud of the century. Sure he got a congressional medal, but the U. S. congress was never fooled by him. Bush may have been fooled by him, but then again an elephant could fool Bush. Why did Congress give him a medal? It was an ego boost. Congress gives Lama a medal for peace that he didn’t deserve so Congress could say that they are thumbing their nose at China, when they know that giving Lama a medal is really a meaningless gesture. Congress doesn’t really want to rile China. Congress could reprimand China about human rights abuses, but that might cause China not to invest in America or interfere with American investors making obscene profits in China with their virtual slave wages. No, Congress would rather play it safe and lie to you and themselves and honor a liar and scoundrel who pretends to be a holy man, but is no more holy than Josef Stalin. Anyone who mistakenly thinks that the Dalai Lama is a holy man, check out with Chris Hitchins or see a picture history of this fake posing with terrorists and other criminals on:

  • Eric

    Good discussion here everyone. I may be able to shed some light on this, as our company, Auction Cause, are the ones who are managing this auction for the Dalai Lama Foundation. Sharon Stone indeed is very sincere in her beliefs here. She is not being compensated and merely is trying to help the Dalai Lama Foundation raise some extra funds for their great work. I do not know at all whether she still wear fur, but I would say simply that most of us are aligned with various political parties and religions and very few of us (self included) share identical values and beliefs with them.

    Please watch the video on the auction page – in its 4 parts, this was simply her speaking from the heart, no rehearsed scripts or special setups either.

    -Eric Gazin, Auction Cause

  • michael

    Thanks for chiming in, Eric! Appreciate the information.

  • Marty

    You AUTO DEALERS spend gillions on advertising every year just to get people to come into the dealership. All you have to do is buy The Dalai Lama’s Land Rover and put it on display in the showroom to get people to just come in and see the vehile. Maybe sit in it. Maybe touch it. And you would own this vehicle forever and have tourists also coming by to see the vehicle. WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY !!!
    And of course, you could always re-sell it later or keep using it for promotions and fundraisers for groups that would feel obligated to see or buy your cars that you sell. WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY HERE for a smart auto dealership owner.

  • Art of War

    Oh my gosh! I would rather buy a mercide bend or BMW then this fuking piece of shit for 75 grands. Who is that stupid? yes donate eh? okie goodwills are always welcome but who know they will turn it to anyways.
    So, here is what I believe. I don’t believe in other people, I trust myself, I live for my self but I care for the people close to me such as parents, friends and relative. I eat meat, this won’t be probably good for me in the long turn… I enjoy all the pleasure that God gives human suppose to enjoy such as sex, and reproduce children. Alright, if every body in our world turn in to a monk? then what is good women for? Human race gonna be wipe out and given to the monkeys or gorrillas what so ever? If that happen then I think budlism will change its stupid policies by let monks have sex and reproduce babies. LoL. that’s gonna be fun.

    Here is the message to all monks, “don’t tell me when you see a pretty naked women walking by and your penis isn’s erected? yes or no?”

    Okay, yes right? then why be a hypocrite?

  • Art of War

    oh by the ways__ don’t curse me monks T_T i’m innocent, just an ordinary human being. LoL…

  • Dana

    The whole wearing fur thing is a very disturbing aspect of this fundraiser, but another disturbing bit is the Landrover itself. Don’t these things get very inefficient mileage? Shouldn’t the Dali Lama be driving a hybrid or some other gas-efficient vehicle?

  • Marty

    Well, it looks like the vehicle was sold for $82,100. and I hope the buyer comes thru with the money. The buyer does not “have to” go on a date with Sharon Stone or go to the Dalai Lama’s class or instruction. If you eat meat, then you are “eating the dead”. Might as well be a zombie. If you like your meat rare, might as well be a vampire, as you are being infused with the animal’s blood, the animal’s nightmares and the animal’s fear as it was killed,
    as well as the animal’s diseases.
    (and you wonder WHY you have nightmares, if you eat meat!)

    Well, congratulations on the Land Rover sale and I hope the money benefits those it is intended for. Good Luck !

  • Land Rover Dealer

    Those Land Rovers just keep going