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Scissor SistersThe Scissor Sisters played to a sold-out crowd in London last night in full Frankenstein and zombie costumes. Even the crowd partook in Halloween madeness and arrived in costume. Crazy popular, the tickets for the concert sold out in just 90 minutes.

The good news for fans that tried to get tickets in the 91st minute? Sign up at Global Cool, and you’ll have access to a live webcast of the event. Bad news, technical difficulties kept the webcast from working, but fans will be able to watch it today.

Scissor Sisters Promo w/ Global CoolGlobal Cool is known for using celebrities to promote their cause, which focuses on carbon emissions and energy conservation. Why’s that? “Global Cool believes that professional communicators are best equipped to deliver essential messages to a vast, if not global, audience.”
Via – This is London

Update: You too can see the webcast if you sign up to Global Cool. It will be available for viewing on demand beginning at 7pm tonight. It will only be up for 3 days, so don’t forget!

Update2: I’ve been watching the concert and around minute 37, Jake Shears tells the crowd that he drew 120 unique Halloween posters that would be sold at the end of the concert for 10 pounds, with the money going to OxFam. All concert proceeds went to OxFam as part of OxJam. The concert also sponsored, of course, by Global Cool. And then Ana Matronic breaks out with this eco talk: “All it takes is for you guys to shut your shit off at night and we can reduce the amount of electricity we use and possibly save this mother fuckin’ planet.” That pretty much sums it up! Watch the concert.

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