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Here’s a little shot of whiskey for your morning coffee. Pink recently cussed out Beyonce Knowles — in an interview with The News Of The World — for her nasty habit of wearing fur fashion accessories.

“Beyonce is a bitch! I only hope she gets bit on the [ass] by whatever animal she wears.”

Alright! Let’s get ready to rumble! Pink also commented on why her actions are justified,

“Some of the practices are so cruel and as a celebrity you have a responsibility to think about the message you’re sending out by wearing fur. People will think it’s ok or cool, but it’s not.”

Will Beyonce fire back? Will Jay-Z get involved? Will another alligator be featured on her next terrible CD? Rock On, Pink!

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  • rebecca

    Nice! Another reason to be a Pink fan…

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  • ms crude

    U need some type of gig at this point since you sound like a damn pig on your CD.
    Ge a job, by working at Nordstrom’s. then you can see all the designer’s clothes that has real fur stucked to them.

    Please you need to be called Pig instead of Pink
    but, i forgot you are ignorant!!! your name is PIG

  • dEf-RoC-@-jAm

    … it’s just FUR.. i dun get it, y is she only saying tis to Beyonce? Beyonce doesn’t even go around wearing it 24/7. i remember back when Pink, Britney, and Beyonce all did a Pepsi commercial. Beyonce can wear whatever she wants. It’s not like she isn’t unaware of what peopl do to dogs to make the coat. She has pets too. Dang, why don’t you just say that to everyone you know Pink?

  • trinity23

    pink needs to relax.

  • Deena

    I totally agree with Pink.

    Beyonce is beatiful and awesome but she needs to stop wearing animals’ skin.

  • http://n/a alex

    ms crude, you may wish to actually process some coherent thoughts in that childish, unethical ‘brain’ of yours next time you leave a comment on this site. When you can justify the electrocution, bludgeoning or shooting of innocent animals for their oh-so-precious fur then I will not laugh you for being so utterly ignorant. A message to all sycophantic idiots who condone unethical vanity; stop sucking up to immoral celebrities (eg Beyonce)and attempting to make a joke of those sensible enough to condemn her (eg Pink) as you all sound like brainless political wannabes. P.S: Ms crude, if you choose to ignore this message, at least think up better sarcasm than the nonsense contained in your last comment. It was about as funny as a punctured whoopee cushion.

  • Susy..!

    Pink u Rock!! is awesome that u say that to the bitch of Beyonce. She is a another stupid bitch that wants to be in “fashion” killing animals to make clothes.
    Pink is awesome!! I love She!! ^^

    and Beyonce.. go to hell!! .l.

  • Valerie


  • Valerie

    To all the fur lovers, grow up and find something humane to do with the rest of your life

  • Sylvia Boykin

    MS. Crude.

    Thank you for typing your message in such a way, that could be completly dismissed. You are OBVIOUSLY NOT WELL EDUCATED in ANY WAY, including Grammar or the truth behind fur. I have alot Ide like to say you, but your brain is probably on overload already just from reading this much. I mean Assuming you can read.