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Ed and Rachelle
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It’s morning, and Ed Begley Jr. is clocking his wife Rachelle’s shower with a stopwatch, amusingly taunting her outside the bathroom door about how many gallons of water she’s wasting. Later, it’s Rachelle’s turn to tease Ed as he rides a bike to generate enough electricity for toast with breakfast. The Osbournes they are not, but don’t be surprised if this new reality show makes you laugh just as hard. Living with Ed is set to air soon on HGTV, and it hopes to provide amusement while also promoting examples of practical sustainability that anyone can grasp.

Living with Ed is the latest idea out of Hollywood to take advantage of America’s growing environmental awareness. Leonardo DiCaprio is developing a reality show based on the eco-friendly reconstruction of a town; while HGTV has already aired several shows aimed at green home additions and DIY. Living with Ed differs from all of these, giving us a peek inside a home with two people — at very opposite ends of the environmental wavelength — living an unconventional lifestyle.

To many, Ed Begley Jr. will always be known for his starring roles in shows such as St. Elsewhere, Six Feet Under, Veronica Mars, and a myriad of films; including all of the Christopher Guest mockumentaries. His other role — as that of an avid environmentalist — has become a driving force for support of green causes and his own personal lifestyle. He drives an electric car that he recharges in his garage, uses solar-powered backpacks to charge phones, and has even ridden a bike to the Academy Awards. While he loves the alternative lifestyle (also supported by a solar-powered array) his wife, actress Rachelle Carson, would love a larger home and less restrictions. It’s a contentious chemistry that should make for some interesting viewing over the planned six episodes.

Ecorazzi’s Michael d’Estries recently had the opportunity to chat with Rachelle and Ed about their upcoming show, their reactions to the greening of Hollywood, and the green celebrity private jet controversy.

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