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We give a lot of credit to Suzy Amis, wife of director James Cameron, for being an active participant in helping to “green” Hollywood fashion – but we should perhaps reserve even more of our gratitude for her efforts to integrate sustainability with education.

Amis, 49, along with her sister, founded the MUSE elementary school in Malibu, California back in 2005. The idea behind the non-profit, private school was to provide a space for student-driven learning, tapping into the passions that make each child unique. From the site:

“MUSE students launch from our program with a sound academic foundation, skilled in reading, communication, math, art, and design. They’re literate about green technologies, dedicated to preserving the planet, and conscious about what they eat and where it comes from. They’re eager to contribute everything they know to their communities and to the world at large.”

The teaching philosophy is built on the Reggio Emilia Approach (more on that here), but the greening is all Cameron’s – and it’s impressive to say the least. Some highlights:

MUSE is planning on offering a middle school program starting in fall of 2012 for grades 6th-8th.

The LA Times has more on this amazing school (which will eventually also go off-grid), but our hat is off to the Cameron family for raising the bar on sustainability in education. To learn more about MUSE, jump here.

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