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Jay-Z & Play PumpOkay, okay…it was really good. We told you yesterday about the Jay-Z Water for Life documentary summarizing what Jay-Z learned and saw in Africa. It was on last night and it was intriguing, educational, and overall a great program.

You could actually see Jay-Z learning. He may not be my ideal green idol, but he went there with an open mind. He walked with the kids to collect water, and could hardly manage to carry the container that these girls carry every day.

Everyone loved Jay-Z – it’s incredible how you can be a huge celebrity no matter where you go. He went into a school and all of the kids got out their camera cell phones to take pictures with him. Yes, they have camera cells but no water or plumbing.

In another village, Jay-Z visited a school where he got to see his donation in action. He donated a Play Pump – a water pump that looks and acts like a merry-go-round, but as the kids are playing, the water is getting pumped. Incredible idea.

Jay-Z later makes a comment, we say we’re from the ‘hood…that’s nothing compared to this.

You can now watch the whole program on MTV Overdrive. Sorry, Jay-Z, for busting your chops earlier…this turned out pretty nice. Now you’ve just got to take a look at some more parts of your life and see what you can change to make an even bigger difference.

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  • Hello

    “He went into a school and all of the kids got out their camera cell phones to take pictures with him. Yes, they have camera cells but no water or plumbing.”

    Maybe if they all invested the money spent on their camera cell-phones into a water program that would benefit them. Then maybe they wouldn’t be so thirsty or dirty, aeh?

  • rebecca

    Hello, This is an issue I’ve seen in other countries. There is a need for a lot of education for these kinds of things. It’s tough to change cultural differences overnight. But I do think it would be worthwhile to spend some money on education in these communities – self-sufficiency, how to save money, etc etc.

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  • Theo

    Well I do not appreciate some of the comments from people on this page….Ignorance from people who do not experience what these people go throught……why is it that America who’ only has 3% of the worlds population should consume 20% of the world clean water resources…..Many people feel that 3rd world countries problems result from their governments greed and them having no educations but if were arent making a solution to solve these issues then where all all apart of the Problem….when you see Africa all you see is Dry land and poor people but the Land in itself produces most of worlds resources….Its if these Farmers had the same technology that N.American farmers did dont you think that there would be no problem with group and maintaining crops, on the other hand Farmers down here have an overload of crops they cannot sell and we consume all this food and waist it!

    Africans in Africa and other people Suffering from Poverty aint their Fault in Reality its our fault for Not doing anything to help….US. President Bush rather spend Billions on War in M.East then focus on Making a different not only for Americans but for everyone!

  • Reader

    He was stupid and so was the show. He had a bottled water in his hand in the SUV he was riding in. Famous and rich people have no clue and they are looked at as being so wonderful when they spend 1000 bucks on a donation. That wouldn’t cover his bar tab. That story gave him so much press… bet he made more on record sales from that one. Cover a REAL person doing something real next time.

  • d.c

    How much did you give?

  • Reader

    Great comeback d.c