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bling.jpgThe end is near for the diamond-obsessed culture of America. At least, this is what two prominent African artists want you to embrace. Chosan, the Sierra Leonean-born hip-hop artist whose voice is heard on Kanye West’s “Diamonds from Sierra Leone” video, and G. Kofi Annan (not to be confused with the hip hop leader of the UN) of award-nominated Annansi Clothing Co. are spearheading an effort to eliminate the bling culture which helps fund bloody wars in Africa. From the release,

“The “Bling is Dead” project is being launched in an effort to motivate consumers to be more selective in their gift purchases this holiday season. As part of Annansi Clothing Co.’s ongoing Demand Details! initiative, the “Bling is Dead” project features a newly released song by Chosan named “Blood Diamonds” and a special “Bling is Dead” t-shirt which will be used to encourage
consumers to stop the illicit diamond trade.”

The diamond industry has got to be a little more than annoyed over the latest press surrounding the movie, The Blood Diamond. I seriously do not believe it’s going to cause people to stop buying diamonds for engagements, but the industry will have to answer to potential tougher regulations and consumer expectations over conflict diamonds. You can listen to the new song by Chosan and visit the site here.

As an aside, the photo that accompanies the website where I found this info is a little puzzling. Isn’t G. Kofi Annan wearing ‘bling’ here?

[UPDATE] G. Kofi chimed in to let us know that it’s actually Chosan in the photo and, while it may appear that way, he is not wearing a diamond necklace. Thanks, Kofi!

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