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snipshot_89ksk5l4mvh.jpgGeorge Clooney has stepped up his campaign to help bring awareness to the tragedies in Darfur by visiting officials in both China and Egypt this week. Clooney ‘organized the trip to make a personal plea to Chinese and Egyptian officials to use their ties with the Sudanese government to help stop the violence.’

From the article, ” While Egypt has tried to negotiate with the government in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum, China—one of Sudan’s biggest oil customers—has been against imposing sanctions on the Northeast African nation. Clooney is scheduled to meet with Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abdul-Gheit today, and head back to the United States tomorrow.”

I would rate Clooney up there with Bono in terms of his efforts to seek not just publicity but also the officials responsible for enacting change. This guy isn’t just setting up a website and making commercials; but he’s also using his public image to meet with government officials or address international councils (like the UN).

While he’s ruled out any political ambitions (especially after seeing what such efforts did to his father), the desire to cause change and do good with the spotlight is impressive. Why not appoint him as ambassador for a certain cause? I’m not assuming he has massive amounts of experience to back that statement up, but something tells me it wouldn’t take long for him to shine in the role.

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