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snipshot_94ijifre4mn.jpgPrince Charles is entering a bit of a renaissance period concerning his outlook on the world environment. While always a bit of an advocate for green initiatives, he’s suddenly making some drastic overhauls in time for the New Year. Let’s see, there was the announcement earlier this week of shedding private jets and helicopters in favor of commercial flights, train journeys, and biodiesel cars. And now, he’s come out and said that Climate Change is single largest threat to humanity. Have Al Gore and him been going on camping trips recently? From the article,

“Climate change is now a critical issue for every Commonwealth country,” he wrote in CPQ, the quarterly magazine of the Commonwealth Press Union (CPU). “The challenge is to find ways to mobilize the whole of their society in tackling this ultimate threat to mankind.” The Prince said climate change affects every part of the planet but could not be seen and was therefore easily ignored. “I believe that mankind has all the necessary skills, resources and ingenuity to tackle climate change effectively,” he wrote. “The question is not whether we can do this, but whether we will, and whether we will do so in time to affect the outcome.”

I have that debate inside my head all the time…will mankind care enough to make significant changes in time? Unless it effects their wallets or families directly, I’m not sure Americans have the social training to look further ahead than, say, six months. Our society is too caught up in itself. Still the evidence is mounting. In Ithaca, NY, it’s currently 61 degrees. Constant reminders such as this may edge us towards being more vigilantly green. With a green prince leading the way, perhaps there will be a fairy tale ending to this issue after all….

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